A Woman Reflects Multiple “P”

She is a pride… She is passionate… She is powerful…polite…pure… She is progressive…possessive…provocative… She is a princess… Yes she is a woman and she is priceless. It’s a privilege to talk about women. Being a woman I am proud to be one. I am professional. I pursue my dreams. Practically I am a premium edition and psychologically I am unpredictable to react at adverse situations. Today’s woman is pacy and fully packaged as a participant of social reconstruction. Woman is said to be propitious wherever she go. Women have a special power to proactively handle worst case scenarios. We are persistent in making a powerful, pure and problem free planet. Women are the provogue for fashion today. We are particular in our choices. Women always predominate in spreading peace. Women perceive the futility of protest by prejudging the scenario. So I punctually, purely and politely mark that the modern woman is a remark of perfection.


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